Single-Family Homeowner One-Stop Shopping

Do you want to be more efficient with natural resources and have more control over your utility bills? The One-Stop Shop Program helps qualified customers save water and energy. We've got you covered from start to finish.

Which Water and Energy Savings Options to Select?

Direct Installation: We have authorized Synergy Companies® contractors to evaluate your home to replace all eligible fixtures and devices. The contractor will conduct a site assessment to determine eligibility, and with your approval, will install at no cost the following water and/or energy efficiency replacement devices. Click on each item below for product details:

Eligible Water- Saving Devices
Faucet Aerators, Bathroom
Faucet Aerators, Kitchen
High Efficiency Toilets
Shower Heads
Smart Irrigation Timers
Eligible Energy- Saving Devices
Indoor / Outdoor Lighting
Pool Pumps

Thank you for your interest in the One-Stop Shop for Water and Energy Efficiency Program. Due to the popularity of this program, all available funding has been committed.

Device rebates administered by the Metropolitan Water District (MWD) are still being offered to IRWD customers. To learn more about rebates and to apply, please visit 

Additional rebates may be available for water-saving devices for customers with Southern California Gas Company®  (SoCalGas®). Please visit to learn more.

To learn about incentives offered by Southern California Edison® (SCE®), please visit